Defy corrosion and time with stainless steel

The worst enemy of iron is definitely rust. It is a chemical process of natural reaction of iron in contact with air and moisture. Oxygen and water disintegrate, crumble, pulverize iron until it is completely consumed.

Steel, what is commonly called “iron,” in fact, is one of the most widely used materials for the production of hardware. Of course, in most cases, there are various surface treatments that protect it from rusting and that are commonly used by the manufacturers of these accessories. However, very often, this is not enough to ensure a lifecycle of the hardware that matches that of the window frame.


Why do maintenance
Of the stainless steel?

The optimum condition of a stainless steel artifact is one for which the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the artifact are preserved with proper and periodic maintenance.


Hìnox® primarily means the development of solutions specifically designed for application on all types of blackout systems. Nothing is left to chance, Hìnox® is applicable everywhere.

Customized products

When product customization goes hand in hand
With the quality of industrial processes

Modification of standardized products

Accomplishments based on customer design

Staining of stainless steel hardware

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